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Chemical analyses


Representative samples are only a part of our quality assurance. Informative analyses are required to set detailed quality control measures.
The chemical analysis of mineral oil is a very specific segment of the chemical analyses market. Few companies are in a position to analyse petrochemical products according to various international standards and in compliance with test standards that may be monitored successfully by independent accreditation bodies. We co-operate closely with various accredited and certified corresponding laboratories. All selected laboratories are equipped with modern analytic apparatus and are in a position to deliver results within a short space of time, irrespective of whether tests carried out are of a physical, chemical, mechanical or microbiological nature.

Potable water analysis acc. to section 19/20 of the German Potable Water Regulations

For all claims: Those suffering damages will need a loss adjuster having all-round skills, since prompt and careful damage assessment, recovery and securing the goods are absolutely essential if damages are to be limited. Our loss adjusters are experts with more than 20 years’ experience and you can rely upon them to act in your best interests. In addition to their work as experts the loss adjusters are known to all insurance firms, shipyards and shipping companies also supervise the construction of new vessels/ buildings and conversion work.

You can rely upon our services if you have to make a claim:

  • Prompt settlement of liability losses
  • Goods inspections with all relevant checks
  • Inspections of all types of barge/ship