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    Testing Services GmbH was founded in 1993. Over the past few years, we have been changing and growing constantly to adapt to the changing market, in order to achieve the most cost-effective results possible, as requested by our customers.

    We are often asked, ‘Why do we need an inspection company?” The daily working routine conceals the danger of minor errors with major consequences.

    • Is the tanker suitable for your product?
    • Is the container equipped with appropriate safety equipment?
    • Are the dimensions, weights and markings of your consignment correct?

    Handling hazardous goods requires competence, caution and experience. Do not hesitate to make use of our knowledge for the safety of your staff and goods. Protect your business from risks which may easily result from delays, damages, poor quality or losses. The handling of hazardous goods requires special attention to health, quality, safety and the environment (HQSE). We shall be pleased to help you to achieve your goals and minimize your risks.

    As specialists, we carry out inspections on site and guarantee your export. We provide professional cargo-, shipping- and container-related services – Our uncompromising approach aims to protect your goods.

    Insurers value our all-round experience, objectivity and independence in damage assessment and our expertise on average losses.

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